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Company – BEA Ltd.

The Language Institute, Business English Advisory Ltd., was founded in 1995 by María Cecilia Ruiz (a professional with vast experience and degrees in both English Pedagogy and Business Administration) to satisfy the needs of local and multinational companies, delivering the necessary support in order to face the challenges of the global market.

The company is a key player in the market of language training in Spanish, Portuguese and Business English, and it is proud of its qualities of professionalism, integrity, flexibility and loyalty towards its clients, through whom it has gained a high reputation in the market.

BEA Ltd. delivers a high level of service to its clients based on creative techniques for learning Spanish, Portuguese and Business English.

BEA Ltd. has been certified by the prestigious European company AENOR since 2006, in compliance with the required standards to obtain ISO 9001 as well as NCh 2728:2015.